News | 23 Maart

A problem shared is a problem halved…

Last Monday I have asked on Linkedin for solidarity during these complicated times. The only way to live through the crisis is together. The complete delivery chain is affected and will need to help each other to survive.


I have decided Sbit will set an example. That’s why we will provide you with a Covid-19 allowance of 50% on our current service fees. *)

Together with our partners we are looking at the possibility to scale back bandwidth and postpone TV broadcasting contracts. We will review the contracts on a monthly basis to see if we are still able to provide the Covid-19 allowance and if this is still necessary.

We like to take this opportunity to ask you to leave the power on all network and server components, so we are able to update your systems. This way you will be ready when the hotel is opening up again.

We understand hotel operators now have the focus to remain healthy, physically and financially. Having that said we also like to point out, since hotels are almost empty, this might be the moment to roll out outstanding IT projects. Think about Windows 7 workstations and Windows 2008 server replacements. Also we would love to help you to migrate to Office 365 and start working in the cloud. This way you can work from anywhere. Please give me a call to discuss the opportunities.

As long as we can bare it, I am available to discuss payment arrangements as well. Most of our partners are willing to provide the first 3 months of software usage for free. This way we might be able to boost te projects which were actually already scheduled.

Anyway, let’s focus on what we can still achieve and how we will get through this crisis together. We are Sbit. My name is Sjors Brul, Managing Director. I would love to get in contact and have a virtual meeting. My phone number is +31 182 747 007 or e-mail me at Talk to you soon!


*) Unfortunately we are not able to give any allowances on licenses or subsciptions.